Van's Aircraft RV-12

Van's Aircraft RV-12

Sunday, February 13, 2011

02132011 Empennage (Build Session 12)

Build Session 12, 02132011, 6 hours, 34 total

Finally back to metal wrangling!

Empennage, AST (Anti Servo Tabs) Page 08-01 - 08-04

Completed Section 8.

Rivet Count 107Solid 717 Pulled

Preparing the AST Skins, This time I tried what I have seen and that is only removing the blue plastic in the rivet areas for protection, as parts start to stack up I will need that in my garage.

Riveting in the ribs

Clecoed for match drilling the bottom holes

Riveting the topside

Riveted in the control horns with flush countersunk solid rivets (Not a fun place to do it in)

Preparing to rivet the right side control horn

Installing the AST spar under the skin

Setup for drilling the 132 holes in the AST hinge halves, this was tedious, and I screwed up a part that I now have to order :( (Note to other builders even though you read about the orientation of the drill guide make sure you verify before drilling :)

Riveting the top side ribs

Riveting in the hinge piece (same for left and right, double check orientation of hinge centerline to control horn.)

10302010 Empennage (Build Session 11)

Build Session 11, 10302010, 4 hours, 28 total

*Note this session was completed 10/30/10 but somehow did not get posted, after a 3 month hiatus I am building again today!

Empennage, Rudder Page 07-03 - 07-05

Completed Section 7.

Rivet Count 97 Solid 531Pulled

Fitting the rudder ribs

Attachment of the Hinge brackets to the spar

Installing the control horn

Riveting the remaining ribs

Clecoing the rudder skin

One side down

riveting the rudder spine

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am now a Pilot

Passed my Sport Pilot Checkride yesterday at KSDL was very thorough at almost 6 hours but I got through and have my ticket to fly. Lots more learning to do but now I can ask the question... who wants to go for a ride?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to building this weekend

Back to building this weekend. Had to take some time getting ahead on work and getting ready for my wife to have surgery this week. Surgery went well she will have some time to recover but doing good.

Planes still down up at KSDL, hopefully back in the air on 11-22.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Flying down time

Getting the itch to fly, the two planes I fly out of KSDL were both badly damaged by the hailstorms in Scottsdale. This is bad news as I was down to my final practice before my check ride so I will have to spend a couple extra hours getting the rust off. Been almost a month since I was up on my own and yet another instructor to break in... :(

Break in the build :(

Haven't been on the kit in a couple weeks, lots of work during the week so normally building on the weekends. Camped out at the Copperstate Airshow Thursday and through the weekend last week so no building. Hopefully back at it tomorrow starting on the rudder.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

10172010 Empennage (Build Session 10)

Build Session 10, 10172010, 1.5 hours, 24 total

Empennage, Rudder Page 07-02 and 07-03

Completed through Step 07-03 and stopped to Prime contact parts.

Rivet Count 63 Solid 347 Pulled

Trial fitting rudder spar caps and hinge brackets

Trial fitting the rudder control horn

Fitting the rudder spar to the vertical stabilizer to check hardware and clearance, send ing question to Vans re the gap seen below, the plans allow for only one washer between the brackets. I don't think their should be a gap otherwise it will pinch when tightened, may be by design but it does not look right to me. (Note the spar holes and the brackets were pre-drilled and are self aligning)

Priming for assembly